Get Sunday schooled

The search terms that lead people to PCP typically make me snigger or roll my eyes, because they’re so bizarre. Sometimes they make me smile, because they remind me of something pleasant, like a classic episode of a favourite TV show. But lately, I’ve noticed they’ve also been serving as little lessons, opening my eyes and mind to things I’d never have imagined otherwise and teaching me obscure phrases in foreign languages.

So this Sunday, here’s a chance to get schooled, along with the usual dirty laughs.

got pop culture

That we do. You’ve come to the right place.

androgynous lesbian porn

There’s no such thing as too much Shane. Even though there is a bit too little of her. That’s why she’s a lesbian favourite.

cameron diaz lesbian and lucy liu lesbian

There’s a lot of interest in lesbian action between Charlie’s Angels this week. Luckily one picture is enough to satisfy multiple search terms.

See also: cameron diaz kissing woman, cameron diaz kissing a girl, lucy liu gay

how does lucy liu do her hair in charlie’s angels

With the help of a stylist and wind machines, no doubt.

hot burlesque girl butt

The hotness of this butt depends on your opinion of Burlesque star Christina Aguilera.

how clean blood in vagina demo

Um. Go here to if you want to know more, because I don’t think you could pay anyone enough to give you a demo.

furry boobs

Have some furry cuffs and pants too.

gay armpit

Mmmm biceps.

gay smug

No one does smug like Mr. Fry, especially when gadgets are involved.

glee kurt and blaine clothes

Stylish these two may be, but currently they pretty much exclusively wear the horrid Dalton uniform. Or are you referring to the time the Warblers stormed the Gap to sing a love song to a cutie-pie employee?

pop culture high fashion

Oh, I know next to nothing about fashion, even within pop culture. You ought to read Miss Day’s piece on her favourite fashion icons on TV.

naked with nerd glasses photographed

Naked? Check. Nerd? Check. Glasses? Check. Don’t say we never did anything for you.

crazy eyes himym

Crazy Eyes aka Chloe the Coffee Shop girl (played by Morena Baccarin) was one of Marshall’s few dates when he and Lily were on the outs. But you’re sadly reminding of HIMYM’s golden era, circa Season 2 and 3.  Me and Miss Thropist were either laughing til we wet ourselves or bawling over the Marshall-Lily break-up – that’s how good it was.

cobie smulders canucks

Colbie Smulders is certainly a Canuck, and so is her HIMYM character Robin, pictured here raising hell in her beloved Hoser Hut. Or is it Marshall’s haunt Little Minnesota? Whatever the case, Colbie/Robin’s nationality is a goldmine of comedy for the show.

jensen ackles cowboy

Oh, go on then. Gotta love (or hate) that hat placement.

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jensen ackles horse riding

I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before!

jared padalecki cowboy

Seriously, April 22 – when Supernatural’s cowboy episode finally graces our screens – cannot come soon enough.

brock kelly’s parents “new orleans” -ashley -greene

Miss Thropist will no doubt be devastated to learn that Brock Kelly, one of Dean Winchester’s mini-mes, is hooking up with Twilight star Ashley Green. Especially as he is from New Orleans, our favourite place that we’ve never been. I assume his parents are from there too, but we can’t find any pics of the couple with them. Maybe, like Dean, the lovebirds “don’t do parents”.

buffy guy wig

Even David Boreanaz can’t overcome vamp-face and a god-awful wig as the dreaded Angelus, his soulless alter-ego. James Marsters had far better luck in the hair department.

corpses having sex

You can find the living dead having sex by the bloody bucketful in True Blood, which is back this summer. Not that they make it look much fun. Ouch.

knee suckers emoticon

Um… this?

Or, with an extra l…

erotic foot tickle

David Boreanaz is sexy, so his feet getting tickled is erotic. Even if these probably aren’t actually his feet.

sweater fetish

Now this is a fetish I can get behind, especially if worn by Angel’s Wesley Wyndham-Price or The OC’s Seth Cohen.

pics of black and white sleeping beauty

pop up sleeping beauty cards

birdy in princess fairytale

Pretty, twittering birds are typical princess companions in Disney fairytales. They even do chores and make clothes.

beautiful innocent baby princess

*pinches cheeks*

fat disney princesses

Courtesy of illustrator Aly Bellisimo.

actual disney princess naked

Enchanted star Amy Adams aka Giselle *nearly* naked in Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day.

dysney porno

I’ve said it before: if you can’t spell it, you shouldn’t be able to look at porn of it.

raindrops with unicorn

Ah, lovely! People do use the internet for non-smut, occasionally. This reminds me of a few of my favourite things.

wallpaper for dollhouses (boys and girls for children to paint of stars in the sky

How I wish I’d had a proper dollhouse! Maybe one day, when I’m a crazy cat lady. You can find printable dollhouse wallpaper here, including the kind both boys and girls can paint stars on.

easy paintings to draw

Piet Mondrian and selected Joan Miró would be my picks.

easy to draw check writer

Not a “How to” but this seems fairly simple to reproduce. Especially if you have tracing paper. And mean “cheque”, which would make far more sense.

porn pictures that you can draw or color

A Playboy colouring book from 1966. Really! Click here and scroll down to read the other hilarious pages.  Sample instructions: “Make one of the girls a blonde. Make one of the girls a brunette. Make one of the girls a redhead. It does not matter which is which. The girls’ hair colors are interchangeable. So are the-” (They? The girls? Tut.)

Is it bad that I want to get one of these?

dying officer worker cartoon

Sometimes making a living can be fatal…

bert and ernie cartoons taken out of context

Are you referring to the popular belief that Bernie and Ernie are a couple? Sure, as a kid you may not notice the latent homosexuality, but it’s impossible to overlook in adulthood. Apparently Bernie recently hinted/confirmed via tweet his true sexual orientation, causing a ruckus on the interwebs. Check out the five reasons they should come out of the closet.

emulator sizzling hot hot spot na


koupání bez plavek

This is Czech for “skinny dipping”. This scene in Dirty Dancing – or Hříšný Tanec – is only really half skinny dipping, but a whole lot of phwoar. RIP Patrick Swayze.

homoerotic atlas shrugged patching hole

I haven’t read Atlas Shrugged, although I will read Ayn Rand’s Apocalypse Book The Fountainhead in due course. So the above makes very little sense to me, and coming across terms like “the Tea Party love this” and “one long temper tantrum” are making me worry about reading Rand at all. But judging by the book’s cover, I could believe it could have homoerotic under- or overtones, and apparently Rand needs a “patch” for some of her theories in general. Miss Thropist, can you shed any more light on the matter?

3 thoughts on “Get Sunday schooled

  1. I would go to school on Sundays if Giles was teaching me, true story. I LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. Xtina butt, nekkid NPH, smug Stephen, SWEATERS, Klaine… ❤ Also, also I love the fact that someone googled naked Jensen, INCLUDING HIS MIDDLE NAME.

    And I want a Playboy colouring book more than annnnything right now. If you get me one I'll discuss the ridic homoerotic subtext of Atlas Shrugged with you at length, promise.

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