Sunny Sundays are here again

We really are getting on for summer, the sun is genuinely shining and the weather is sweet.

It’s nice to be able to enjoy the weekend out on the grass, rather than being holed up inside piling on the layers just to feel like you’re not turning into a person-shaped icicle.

I hope that you’ve all been having hot fun in the sun, but when you eventually make your way back inside (the evenings aren’t yet quite as warm as I’d like them to be, let me tell you) there’ll still be a Search Term Sunday for your perusal each week.

Join us as we try to puzzle out what exactly it is that people are looking for when they end up here- and whether the weirdest googling can be blamed on sunstroke or daytime drinking.

disney princesses with pocahontas copy & paste

Well according to this person, Irene Bedford is about as close as you can get to a copy of Pocahontas:

jensen ackles naked

I approve, even if he started peeling his skin off when he was done with the clothes:

how to draw a lily step by step

The instructions will really depend on what kind of lily we’re talking about.

dawsons creek staffel 6 the song remains the same

So I think that “staffel” is German for “season” (hey, look at that, you really do learn something new every day) and season 6 of Dawson’s Creek is noteworthy for a couple of things. It was the last season, and concluded with a somewhat depressing “five years into the future” finale. It’s also the season that featured a floppy-haired Jensen Ackles as Jen’s weird love interest.

Just look at that hair!

sam winchester angel

Uhh, no. Sam Winchester’s more like the Incredible Hulk. But he does have an angelic friend, with a penchant for trench coats.

jared jensen cowboys

The upcoming cowboy-themed Supernatural episode is filling us with impending glee, and not just because it’s going to sort us out for Cowboy Jensen pictures for a long time to come. I think that Cowboy Jared ought to become our mascot too, in his own right.

little girls in high heels


scantily clad natalie portman

Otherwise known as “reasons to go see Your Highness“.

feminist blood paintings

Menstrala ought to fit the bill. Clue’s in the name really.

whisky drink dark bg

I feel like I’ve somehow wandered into the lyrics of Tubthumping. (He drinks a whiskey drink, he drinks a vodka drink…)

spanking disney princess

Rapunzel’s a Disney princess who’d have no compunction about spanking and smacking anyone. Probably with a frying pan, or maybe her hair.

alex dans buffy

In the French dubbed version of Buffy Xander’s called Alex. It’s way confusing, except for how it’s a pretty common diminutive of Alexander.

In fact in ‘Tabula Rasa’ when the gang lose their memory he finds his ID and assumes that his name is Alex.

misha collins naked

If he didn’t want this picture to get posted all over the internet, he shouldn’t have put it up on twitter.

stylish lesbian comix

Buffy season 8?

sheldon grabs penny’s breast

Not on purpose!

how many licks does it take lesbian

Maybe we’ll find out when Ben & Jerry’s make a lesbian-themed ice cream.

50s spanking for bad coffee

If anyone messed with my coffee I’d start spanking everyone.

blog de princess baby disney

Who wants to pinch some cheeks?

jared padalecki gay rumors

mixed up pop culture

Sounds about right.

dean sam diaper

There was that time they met a Cupid…

calvin hobbes do you think there’s god something out there to get me

That’s just the kind of woolly headed liberal thinking that leads to social contract theory.

charlotte’s web furry porn

I’m scared.

Miss Penn recently reviewed Charlotte’s Web for Apocalypse Book, and she specifically didn’t ask for smutty fic.

thomas tank engine farthingwood picture

I don’t think there’s many mash-up pictures of the two, but we did write about both when we discussed some of our childhood favourites.

chuck bass photography

Yuss please.

sindarella end barby dvd

Apparently that’s actually a thing. Y’know, if you spell it in some way that makes sense at least.

katherine moennig drinking coffee

The heart wants what the heart wants.

eliza dushku and jared padalecki gifs

Can somebody please cast these two together in something? If only to save my eyes from these horrible Photoshop jobs if I’m ever compelled to google this duo again.

jensen ackles stunt double

Here’s him with his Dark Angel double:

dorian gray fan fiction

Are people trying to tack on a happy ending? Or maybe they’re just mocking that awful Ben Barnes movie.

jokes about civil partnerships

…they can be uncivil? Ahaha. Ahahaha.

pop culture of the 1990s

Oh Lord, the 90s were truly awful. In an amazing way.

cartoons problematic picture

the simpsons drugs sketches

It sometimes seems like the druggiest show ever, but maybe it’s just cos there’s so much Simpsons.

nonverbal communication in the disney film “up”

I didn’t think that Up was a particularly great film, but the beginning is fantastic. And sad. Sniff.

kermit stoned

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

gangster jensen ackles

Yes. Yes he is.

Whereas Dean Winchester (his character on Supernatural) is simply a crook.

helena bonham carter spank

Don’t pretend you’ve never wanted to.

giles buffy funny

Everything Giles says or does is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome.

right ear of a avatar

where can you find fold up playpens for babies made in the 90’s

Erm, not here. And if you’re insistent that they have to be from the 1990s maybe try a second-hand store. Or Ebay.

animated image of barbie made for each other

disney princesses gone wrong

Those girls can be nassssty.

disney female villains

These ladies may in fact be ever nastier:

dean winchester is a feminist

Apparently so. He can certainly use the right language anyway.

6 thoughts on “Sunny Sundays are here again

  1. LOVE THIS. What is with the 1990s obsession? And have the armpit fetishists been lured away by the armpit-free-for-all that sunny days bring?

    • I think the armpit fetishists may well have been lured away by the semi-nudity of the public at the first sign of rays. It might explain why their search terms this week weren’t exponentially funnier, although maybe I’m just bored due to over-exposure.

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