Sunday best and worst

It’s been one of those weeks.  I want the new week to begin, and yet there is still much to do before I can put the old one properly behind me.  Still, I’m sure it’s still Sunday somewhere in the world… let’s take a look the best, worst and so-bad -they’re-amazing search terms that led people to PCP this week. And then I’m going to pass out.

sexy baby doll

Baby dolls aren’t meant to be sexy, sicko. Unless you mean Emily Browning’s starring role in Sucker Punch

walking with book on head and walk with book on head and walk book on head

Check out Miss Elaine E. Ouse’s piece on high heels. It’s got everything you need to know about walking with a book on your head. (Basically, get a book, put it on your head, repeat until bored and sore-headed.)

straight eyebrows

These are NOT zebra legs. These are all the eyebrow permutations one could imagine… including several variants of straight. Or by “straight” do you mean sexual orientation?

naked zachary levi and zachary levi naked

Getting naked, anyways.

pie and stakeporn

I’m not entirely sure what “pie and stakeporn” is, but it appears we are the No. 1 resource for it on the interwebs. Seriously! I guess we do write a fair amount about stakes and pie, and porn is forever present, even when you’re not actually writing about it. Here is a picture of steak pie too.

last unicorn “rule 34”

What! Do not try and corrupt my precious childhood memories. I like whoever searched for unicorn in pop culture much better.

please don’t eat the daisies dvd

Please don’t!

sugar and spike carroll

Possibly you mean Sugar and Spike, this proto-Rugrats comic strip that ran between 1956 and 1992. Except their surnames are Plumm and Wilson, respectively, and the creator, author and artist is Sheldon Mayor. Not sure about the Carroll business.

jensen ackles and a horse

See also: jensen ackles riding a horse, jensen ackles riding, supernatural jensen gay, sexy jensen ackles and cowboy jensen ackles.

jensen ackles skinny dipping

Or is it?

“played twins” “jensen ackles”

Ah, yes. Jensen played twins in James Cameron’s short-lived Dark Angel. One was good, one was bad. One had an English accent – probably the bad one.

After all this lovin’ for J1, let’s show some for J2 aka Jared aka Padapuppy:

cowboy “jared padalecki”

how to get clean armpits

By washing them? With this special aimed-at-armpits wash if you’re so inclined. Sorry, that’s it for me and armpits for today. I can’t face sourcing images for icky dark armpits armpits and forced armpit lick girl. The last one seems particularly rapey.

you cant buy love patrick

No you can’t, Patrick… or anyone else, really. You can watch Patrick Dempsey in Can’t Buy Me Love. Or read our 80s guide to love so you don’t need to hand over cash for pash…

spike apple jack kiss human pony

At first I was like, whuh? The above made no sense. I had visions of James Marster throwing apples and jacks about while riding a pony. But it apparently refers to characters from My Little Pony... which I have also learned has been revamped Powerpuff Girls-style.

playmate couples

None of the Pop Culture Playmates are couples. They’ve all asked me out, of course, but none are my type.

how to dress like charlie harper

Why oh why? This is even worse than looking to Nathan from Misfits! As far as I can tell, it involves wearing short pants and polo shirts. In ugly color combinations and patterns.

all herohins without under wear

If you’re after the likes of Wonder Woman without the Wonder Bra, you’ve got to learn how to spell. Or at least spell-check.

impossible objects as nonsense sentences

What? I’d certainly like to see that…

is there a cobie smulders look alike on californication

Sorry, I don’t watch it. It’s a shame it’s not Miss Thropist’s week, she would know.

vince entourage nathan misfits

Yes, they both have curly hair. No, Adrian Grenier and Robert Sheehan are not brothers.

cream the rabbit porn naked

I had been wondering if this was a kind of soup fetishism… but no. And I’m afraid she bears an uncanny resemblence to my darling Rosie the Rabbit so I won’t be able to sort you out on the porn front. (Or back. Especially not the back.)

attack of greasy food

Mayor McCheese is certainly McCorrupt. Look at him, plotting his next attack on the arteries and guts of unsuspecting McDonald’s customers…


This was Miss Elaine E. Ouse’s Anti-Misogyny Lenten instruction for April Fool’s! Sort of. But I guess you can do it whenever you fancy, really.

6 thoughts on “Sunday best and worst

  1. Woop woop on the searchterm front! I am quite confused by the pie and stake porn, the only thing I can think of is a tiny clip from the Supernatural season 3 gag reel, which could definitely be described as ear/stake porn, and there IS plenty of pie in Supernatural… There’s some brief stake/ear action around the 6:01 mark, but the whole thing’s pretty fantastic- lots of dancing, and screeching and model faces and so on.

    YAY for Cowboy Jensen, and Cowboy Jared, and Jensen’s awful English accent, and him possibly skinny dipping anyway.

    I’m not sure about the Cobie Smulders lookalike on Californication, I guess try to sniff out the Canadian cos they all look alike. Madeline Zima and Addison Timlin are probably the closest to Smulders, but as Yanks I’m guessing they don’t fit the bill! Otherwise there is Eva Amurri who has been in both HIMYM and Californication, which kind of counts? Somehow?

    Speaking of lookalikes, I’m kind of believing Adrian Grenier and Robert Sheehan could be related. Maybe it’s all just in the hair.

    And “impossible objects as nonsense sentences” is fabulous! Do you think they mean immovable object vs. irresistible force etc?

    • It’s lovely when we become the No. 1 resource without even trying! 🙂 Fantastic vid.

      Adrian and Robert could totally play brothers! As long as either can adapt the accent.

      I don’t know about the impossible/immovable thing… is it a thing?

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