Sunday Circus

Happy Sunday all! Hope you’re enjoying yours.

As far as I’m concerned, Sundays are usually for relaxation and recovery. It’s also a good day to check in with your friends- preferably in person with piles of greasy food and lots of liquid.

Sundays are the perfect day for everyone to share their stories of debauchery from the latest week (or, more likely, the weekend) and to swear that they’re never making the same mistakes again.

But if they didn’t, then we’d have nothing to talk about the next Sunday. So mostly the quitters quit quitting, and life goes on with its circular motions.

Since it’s Sunday, it’s time to go through the sinful and strange search terms of the week.

I’d ask everyone to promise to bookmark some stuff instead of abusing google in this fashion, but where would the fun be next weekend if that happened?

rapunzel sole

Was there a fishy subplot in Tangled that I’ve since repressed?

cartoon consumerism its the real thing


hot bound cowboys

This book sounds mightily appropriate, but I also think that our mascot Cowboy Jensen might have something valuable to add on the topic…

alison lohman fuck my

Did someone get a bit over-excited before finishing typing?

vicodin feels good man

That’s certainly what I’ve learnt from TV.


bert en ernie gangster


You know it’s ok to pause for breath in between words, right?

misty’s ass googled

Are you accusing her (and her buttocks) of typing all these search terms into google?

turkey hunting & naked

Poor turkeys. They’re bred to fat to be able to breed naturally, and then they have to deal with the indignity of being plucked nekkid.

west wing fanfiction

Check West Wing Fanfiction Central, and here’s a picture of the cast all dolled up to get your (creative) juices flowing:

pictures of children mermaids

barbie gloria fast food

Woop, cheap knock-offs!

gay angel cartoon

We-ell, how about instead of a cartoon, the time that Angel got turned into a puppet? Cos it was fricking hilarious!

cinderella drawing castle easy

You think that Cinderella sits around drawing pictures of Richard Castle? Ook.

devils playpen girls

You’re in the right place.

pussy genealogy

There’s plenty of info on pussy paternity (seriously) here.

brerts fuck for mobile

Do they? Well I hope they’re at least getting a nice phone out of it.

dress with arrow pointing down 1960

Well this dress has several arrows pointing down. Beat that.

sam dean it’s a terrible life

I’m a fan of the Smith & Wesson Alternative Universe, and not just cos of Sam’s creepy come-ons.

looking for jimmy cartoon elephant heroin

Well The Simpsons taught me that elephants are addicted to peanuts, would that be an adequate substitute?


well endowed cowboys thongs

how do i get my armpit clean

Have you tried washing?

winchester incest

Come on now, this is what portmanteaux were made for. Say it with me: “Wincest!”

girl!sam winchester

Pretty, pretty Sam via here.

interstate 60 james marsden

I remember this film! James Marsden’s character was called Neal, and Gary Oldman was in it. I have nothing even remotely witty to say on the subject, I’m just proud of myself for possessing a vaguely functioning memory.

sumitomo cooporation japan announced to recruited staff at nak leng bridge

Apparently ‘nak leng’ means gangster in Thai. I’m not sure why that’d make it a good recruitment bridge. *shrug*

wacky races porn

watch through the glass ceiling princess ella

Yus, do! It’s sheer, unadulterated loveliness and can be purchased from the Leeds Animation Workshop. Every time someone watches it, a high flyer actually gets to use their wings.

young little sister fucking with her brother!!!!! incest family sex porn

That’s just obscene, why would anything need that many exclamation marks?

glee fandom secret

Plenty in this edition, such as:

“piss harry king”

Discworld character I was comparing to Hank Rearden from Atlas Shrugged as a fellow self made man, for some reason.

literary thesis her fearful symmetry

Well Miss Penn has reviewed the book.

vampire slayers marks on vampiers

This is the Slayer who scarred up Spike’s eyebrow:

picture of mickey mouse as a poor boy

The pauper, rather than the prince:

amatuer ass bend

I’ve seen better, but points for effort.

magnifying glass “real life” secrets

stylised punk princess


man butt in hospital gown cartoon

It makes me sad that that isn’t a real website. But there is pieandpopcouture!

prince’s hair color in disney movies

Never mind their hair colour, the poor dears barely know their names:

But at least that means people are less likely to scream at them for giving them hair issues.

men with men using ass

jared and jensen friends forever

It’s all in the twizzler action.

dean winchester unicorn

they ride on silver moonbeams and shoot rainbows out of their ass

this will make y o u a lesbian in 30 sec

nice young girls

Nah, I don’t think you’re in the right place.

les princes disney ridicules

mini glee kids

Too cute for words.

disney female character design

I think there’s some complaints about the design of their personalities at any rate:

gambar princess aurora.doc


Ah, there comes a time on every Sunday when you realise that you can no longer understand what anyone else is saying. That’s when it’s sensible to bury yourself under a duvet with lashings of ginger beer, while you desperately attempt to stave off the appearance of Monday morning.

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Circus

  1. Well, hello there, what have we here?

    Elvira, & I, Nikita, wake from our afternoon Snoozes, and I discover that you kind Ladies have recommended a post of mine to your loyal readers! ;-D

    Thank you so very kindly! I am very honored, indeed!

    You will be interested to know that, after 7+ years of sharing a blog with my Human, The Mad Macedonian, in Jan. of 2010 he got wise, and set me up on my own with Meowsings of an Opionionated Pussycat. ;-D

    We 2 Happy Bachelors continued on our merry way until last July when a woman entered our lives.

    That would be little Elvira, the Vivacious Tortie, my Protege. ;-D

    We invite you, and your readers, especially those who like a cute, furry, Pussy (That’s Cat to all you readers in Rio Linda), as we proudly consider ourselves the most unique Cat Blog in the world, and the only website that considers it our responsibility, and mission, to defend the history, and honor, of the P-Word from the Vulgarians. ;-D

    In the meantime I’m gonna tell Daddy about this and, from what I can tell after a look around, he’s gonna want to list you in his Food For Thought Blogroll, I’m sure. ;-D

    Purrrs to the both of you!

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