The Sunday Express

What does Sunday mean to you? For me, in an ideal world, it’s lie-ins, pajamas, brunch, fat newspapers, roasts and movie marathons.

And every other Sunday, it’s also trawling the Internet to figure out how to best tease and satisfy those who stumble upon PCP via the strangest search terms… so come on, read (and see) all about it!

evil things

There is a lot of evil in the world. Especially if you live in Sunnydale. The Gentlemen in landmark Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode  “Hush” were particularly sinister.

tyra banks’ underarms

I like the concession to grammar, but shake my head at the ongoing armpit fetishism. Not judging, just getting bored… how bout knees? Anyone?

panti lick

These knickers seem rather lickable.

jensen ackles corpses

Surprisingly, considering the high body count in Supernatural, I couldn’t find any images. But here’s Dean having pizza with Death, the daddy of all corpses.

blindfold lesbian

Apparently the crazy popular Ellen Degeneres blindfolds are on sale now!

armpits gross me out

Then why are you searching for them?!

dean and sam winchester having sex

Too late, they just finished. You’ll just have to watch them sleep instead.

lezbians havin sum fun!

The L Word girls know how to party. When they’re not angsting and making diagrams.

grimm fairy tales spanking

That wolf isn’t going to know what hit him. (Although he’ll probably be able to guess.)

ugly little boys

How about one? Isaac Asimov wrote a short story, later novelized, about a timetravelling Neanderthal child called “The Ugly Little Boy”.  There’s even a 26-minute Canadian telefilm adaptation. So knock yourself out on all the uglylittleboyness you can get!

shrek grabbing jessica rabbit butt

That’s not all he’s doing… More like holding onto her butt for leverage.

This is not Shrek grabbing Jessica Rabbit’s ass.

underarms students in china

I’m sure there are some students somewhere in there.

onion head kissing

Onionhead, among other things, appears to be an organisation about “empowering loving feelings”, which probably includes kissing. Just make sure you keep those away from Miss Thropist, she won’t have any of it!

eliza thornberry grown up

Growing up is not just for rugrats!

i miss sam and dean

Oh, me too, what with hellatus. But I’m going to miss them a whole lot more if Supernatural isn’t renewed. Viva la rerun!

90s kids cartoon travel in a bubble into a castle window

Erm, the best I can think of is Count Duckula. He has a time-travelling castle.

least common surnames

I guess Thropist and Ouse are quite unusual. Especially as we made them up.

edmund weird “hairstyle” narnia voyage of the dawn treader

To each their own.

cats in popular culture

Really, we’re spoiled for choice. Let’s start with the cat who never quite gets what he deserves. (Grilled mouse.)

cannibal fetish

It’s a typical apocalyptic dilemma. When the girl of your dreams wants to eat you up, do you let her or bash her brains in?

hungover lady

She’s often hungover, but she’s not always a lady.

jacob black caricature

mattel’s recently unsuccessful globalization of blonde barbie. we correctly predicted in the last edition of this book that a better approach was that of disney with its more culturally diverse line of disney princesses including mulan (chinese) and jasmine (arabic). even though bratz and disney princesses won this battle of the new toy soldiers the question is still not completely settled.

What is the question?

benedict cumberbatch hat


mika y frogs

Any frog that isn’t the crazy one is fine with me.

hamster licking glass picture


terrible awful hair older men over 55 ordinary day

Just an ordinary, windy day for Mr. Trump.

why does google allow pornography in the first place?

What?! Google or no Google, Internet or no Internet, pornography would still exist. Do you mean why can you find porn websites via Google? You’ll only find them if you look for them! Rule 34, yo.

jared leto wants to kick jimmy’s ass!

Jimmy who? Jimmy Urine, apparently, from the band Mindless Self Indulgence. I’d share the accompanying video but it had my netbook quaking and ears ringing, and I wouldn’t want to put you, Dear Reader, through that.

Have some Jared pretty instead.

chubby jensen

Jensen Ackles should be chubby, considering all the chow he gets through as the obviously tapewormed Dean Winchester.  And you know there’s multiple takes.

was jared leto in buffy

No, sadly. Then again, I’m not sure Buffy could have taken on any more brooding pretty.

a megacorporation (buy n large) has immersed the planet by dint of pushing people to too much consumption and waste. people had to escape the planet and are forced to spend all their lives on a huge space boat where they become too fat and too lazy to think about anything. wall e is a sweet small robot. his mission is to clean the planet. he is going to meet eva, a much more technologically developed robot whose mission is to find a vegetal base on earth to save the planet. the era where new technologies (robots) save humanity from global warming has come.

Well said… sorta. Why don’t you take a gander at what me and Miss Thropist thought about Wall-E?

michael cera jawline

He seems rather chinless to me…

And finally, Search Term Sunday wouldn’t be truly complete without jensen ackles in a cowboy hat

3 thoughts on “The Sunday Express

  1. Are you sure you want to go calling out the knee fetishists? That could lead to all manner of as yet unknown freakiness…

    I miss Sam and Dean too! *bites nails* I blame hiatus for any hungover and/or unladylike behaviour. Totes uncharacteristic.

  2. Knees are less inherently icky than armpits… then again, our searchtermers may well school me on that. BRINGITON.

    Just over three weeks now. I think we can make it. We’ll probably need more Prosecca and Paya tho…

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