Dry your eyes, Sunday girl

Why am I always hungover when it’s my turn to do the Search Term Sunday? Life is wildly unfair. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, it’s time again to air people’s dirty google laundry in public.

The search terms that lead people to Pop Culture Playpen are often wacky, wonderful, wild- and perplexing. But however you got here, sit back and enjoy us discussing this week’s batch.

perfect jawlines

Comes complete with ridiculous cheekbones:

how to distract yourself from porn

Well you could let Ms Elaine E. Ouse dictate your Lent- she suggests giving up misogyny, and part of that is a pledge to set aside Disney porn. Or you could do like Miss Penn and read a load of books, that’s pretty distract-y.

cartoons with people who have frizzy hair and are trying to fix it

playmate jane fonda

For some strange reason Jane Fonda hasn’t yet asked to be one of our Playmates. I’m sure her application is right around the corner.

bubba thomas and the lightmen fancy pants

Turns out to not have been Captain Fancy Pants googling himself. Colour me shocked.

how to draw a couples in love

Check youtube:

disney princess snow white wallpaper with her friends like arial,jasmin a group image

First off, have you actually seen these films? Just because there are lots of Disney princess merchandise doesn’t mean that Snow White was friends with the other chicks- she had to make do with a load of dwarves.

And secondly if there was some weird Disney crossover thing going on, her friends would be called Ariel and Jasmine.

But here you go anyway, I’m feeling benevolent cos I just had dim sum:

mini kurt

Adam Kolkin totally is a mini-Kurt. It’d be freaky if he wasn’t so adorable:

winchester brothers gay slash images

We just like it when they hug:

Although Photoshop also results in some good times…

geek cowboy

mossy ground

Here ya go, though I can’t even imagine how that brought you here.

good morning mickey mouse with writing

crazy jared and jensen

You say “crazy”, we say “special”.

step of smack kiss tongue

Whut? That just seems like a random collection of words!

how i met your mother lesbian

How I Met Your Mother seems to be quite lesbian heavy when you think about it. There’s Robin’s butch doppelgänger, as well as Rachel Bilson popping up again with her girlfriend in tow. But it all started with Robin being the best wingwoman ever and kissing Lily to make her feel better for not having had the adventurous life she’d always dreamed of before settling down with Marshall:

jensen ackles preacher

Sam and Dean do love dressing up:

sam winchester mad

Sam Winchester’s like The Hulk, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Or when he’s so bitchy he starts to look a little constipated:

minority groups easy to draw

I’d suggest left handers, cos even though they’re total freaks they look just like the rest of us.

new york, i love you is a romantic movie coming straight from the best minds of this generation namely fatih akin, yvan attal, allen hughes, shunji iwai, jiang wen, shekhar kapur, joshua marston, mira nair, natalie portman, brett ratner and randall balsmeyer. set in the new york city which is always in action, the movie describes the atmosphere of love. the surprising and spontaneous romantic connections depicted in a sort of

That’s…nice I guess. If you want to read more about it, or indeed finish the sentence, you can read Miss Penn’s review of it.

in the beginning, proof starts as a puzzling movie, yet the flashbacks are essential to illustrate the life of robert. the central theme is about catherine and her recently deceased father robert. robert was a genius of mathematics, yet the flashback illustrated that his last few days were difficult ones. following robert’s death was the climax of the movie. hal, a former student of robert, finds a notebook which might or might not contain a brilliant finding of mathematics. of course, we need proof as to the authenticity of the writing. but eventually hal realizes that he needs proof of who really wrote the writings. proof consists of catherine and three other main characters, which include her father, hal, and her sister claire. almost all the dialogues are exchanged between catherine and one of these three people. their exchanged words suggest the truths about their relations and the past, which often got emotional. hal must show enough intelligence to convince us that he can notice the true value of the notebook in his ex-instructor’s library. the overuse of flashbacks is confusing, yet they are very important in telling the story of robert and his writings. the film says the notebook contains a significant discovery of mathematics while they don’t even think of the simplest way to prove who wrote it.

That’s very comprehensive, although I don’t think we’ve ever written anything about Proof. Until right now.

☆ favorite actions▾share this▾newer older barbie bed to breakfast bedroom doll

Bonus points for search terms with stars in. Just because.

dickens dream

NGL, I was expecting this to be something dirtier:

what we play in street of the 80s

Who even remembers the 80s? My memory can barely stretch back to last night.

quite children’s models

Quite what? Scary?

hot gay cowboy sex

Willie Nelson could tell you a thing or two:

fred scooby doo fat

He’s not fat! Maybe a tad barrel-chested…

mickey mouse hip hop

cat ballou hallelujah brother speech

It’s along the lines of “Hallelujah, brother! I am here to comfort the sinner and return the stray lamb to the fold. Let him who’s troubled-” but continually interrupted. And it’s hilarious, as is the whole of Cat Ballou.

even despite the great depression, the popularity of cartoon features as a source of escapism, made characters such as mickey mouse and bugs bunny, enter the popular consciousness, and became characters that provided relief in a nation suffering from the economic crisis of the time.

Bugs Bunny = awesome. There’s not much to argue with there.

polly pocket sexualisation concerns

This is apparently a real worry. But I just can’t see Ms Pocket as all that sexy:

gunfighters of the old west

Kid Shelleen! Cos today everything’s about Cat Ballou.

i want to draw sleeping biuty

And I want people to spell properly, but we can’t always get what we want.

funny naked sexy gross

Again that just seems to be a random string of words!

paranoia fanfic

Why the paranoia? Is it cos Misha Collins is reading your fic?

there is nothing wrong with lessbians

No, it does sound like there’s something wrong with less-bians. Also your spelling.

disney princesses gone dark

Everyone’s got a dark side:

awesome victoriana

When is Victoriana not awesome?

prettiest butt in the world

Jensen Ackles’?

jensen ackles jared padalecki living together

True story.

They also go go-karting together.

how to draw mandy ?

Ah but which Mandy? I’m going to go with Mandy from The West Wing because she disappeared out of the show without explanation. Now get to sketching her, to make me feel better.

jensen ackles adorable

Is it any wonder that Dean Winchester, his character on Supernatural, thinks of himself as adorable?

jessica miss rabbit perfect ass

lick balls

Oh that kinky Drew Barrymore…

benign good natured cartoons

That makes a change from all the Disney porn. Let’s have some good, clean, vegan-mocking fun:

portrait of princesses, henry 8th

Here, have a portrait of Princess Elizabeth, his daughter:

how to draw the 白雪公主

What a lovely example of code-mixing.

pussy whims

Oh those crazy cats!

ladies neat armpit photos

I feel that neat and tidy armpits are the nicer part of this fetish.

naked barbie president

Here’s President Barbie, you’re just going to have to do the undressing yourself:

jensen ackles and cowboy

erotic pony

An Equus fan?

pop culture clubs tv

We are sort of that!

jensen ackles model shots when younger

Almost as good as the cowboy pics.


The word I thought I made up for people obsessed with Jews. Maybe I did make it up, and started a trend to boot.

in some versions of cinderlla tales the heroine is persecuted by an evil stepmother while in other versions she is persecuted by an incestuous father discuss the cultural implications of these differences

We’re not going to write your essays for you. Here have a picture of said wicked stepmother to cheer you up:

Actually she’s probably more terrifying than cheering. Whatever. Enjoy your fear!

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