Welcome to the weirdness

When we first decided to do Search Term Sunday, it was because we just had to share with the world the weird and wonderful ways people were stumbling upon our humble blog – i.e. the strange search terms that somehow led to PCP.

But the search terms are becoming exponentially more bizarre. We are hurtling into a vortex of weird at a rapidly increasing velocity. Our minds will continue to be opened in new and depraved ways, as Internet rule #34 gets stretched to its outer limits and we gain further chilling insight into those that Google.

There’s only one thing to do: Jump in headfirst!

sleping beauti cinderela the litle marmelade

The Little Marmelade? Are you after a Burlesque version of the Disney Princesses? Or a mash-up of “Lady Marmalade” and “Under the Sea”? Cuz I’d totally watch/listen to that. Voulez-vous nager avec moi? There’s all kinds of Dirrrty going on down where it’s wetter and better…

half kermit half hamster

This is my very favourite out of the numerous amphibian search terms we’ve had this week, and thus the one I will honour.  a group of 10 frogs and biggest frog cartoon sky were runners up.

bang like bunnies

Ah! You must mean Hop, an upcoming animated film with Russell Brand voicing the drum-loving Easter Bunny. Are you as excited about it as I am? It sounds like this millennium’s answer to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and god knows we’ve waited long enough.

virus furry porn

Why would anyone search for a virus? Furry porn or not, they do a good enough job of finding you.

wrestling trapped in armpit

Oh man, we’ve had SO MUCH armpit stuff this week. I don’t want PCP to become a repository of armpit porn, so I’ve gone with the least offensive of the bunch. Although, whoever searched for red spots under armpit and around my armpit is like pinching feeling needs to go to the doctor. Stat.

sam and dean eating

I definitely, however, support PCP becoming a total fan fest of all things Supernatural. You can never have too much homoerotic incest pretty. And homoerotic incest pretty stuffing their faces is even better.

supernatural actors real names

How can you be interested enough to search but not already know this?  The mind boggles. But anyway, it’s Jensen Ross Ackles and Jared Tristan Padalecki. Those are totally their real names. I even found out their middle ones, just for you. You want more, go to IMDB.

jensen ackles cowboy

What would STS (or in fact, PCP) be without dear old Cowboy Jensen. I think the above also fulfills jensen ackles cowboy photo shoot, man at work sexy, incest jailbait AND bastardly jailbait. Cuz Dean is a bit mean to Sam sometimes.

thomas ian nicholas naked

Watch American Pie.


Searching for search terms is like… Googling Google. (But not like Binging Bing, because NOBODY does that, whatever the CW tries to pretend.)

do girls like ted mosby

Yes they do. (And SHHH, Miss Thropist).

microexpression pouting lips

Miss Thropist informs me this is an important thing in Lie to Me. Although, does it count as a microexpression if the pouting lips belong to the rather pillowmouthed Angelina Jolie?

dawson’s creek jared leto

Oh god, I wish. Jordan Catalano would have made a fantastic boyfriend for Joey Potter, or in fact, any of the Creekettes. They’d vomit a thesaurus and emotions all over him at the speed of light, and he’d just look at them blankly and possibly ask them why they were the way they were. Then they’d overanalyze him and fall in love even more desperately, while Dawson grunted with frustration and made a hit TV show about the unfairness of it all.

ancient lesbian hot

As usual we have a deluge of Sapphic requests, thanks to the scribblings of our very own Miss Day. This week, people want lesbians licking feet, the forced 3-way kiss lesbian, lesbian domination wrestling, straight widows become lesbian, kiss lesbienne blonde amateur cartoon, hot lesbian totally spies porn, black lesbian teens naked grabbin each others ass, lesbians bum feeling, lezbos kissing each others, teen girls butt grabbed in public and drama grabbing ass.

However, I’ve got a yen for empowerment, so I’m going for the above, by providing a picture of Sappho, the most famous lesbian of them all, which I’m sure also does the trick for legends lesbian.

yes gabbing horse bum candy

Um… this? I guess you can attempt to gab it up their bums, but mind their feet, they kick pretty fiercely.

phoebe off of friends being cool

When is Phoebe Buffay not cool? Supergirl Phoebe is a particular favourite, though.

cartoon analogy ad for sexual harassment

Watch No Offence, the Leeds Animation Workshop’s sequel to Miss Thropist’s beloved Through the Glass Ceiling.

troll dad dance

Ta da!

2011 no panty heroines

Ah, I think it’s still a bit early to decide. And isn’t not wearing underwear a bit 2009 anyway?

how to draw magical creatures

Ooh how about a unicorn? Check out DragoArt.

how to draw a kings shoe

What, are we a drawing school now?!  See the above website.

felicia day is adorable

She is!

depressed young man

west wing fanfic donna cj “small breasts”

Oi! Janel Moloney and and Alison Janney may not be Lolo Ferrari, but what they have is far from small.

One thought on “Welcome to the weirdness

  1. I’m having a gigglefest over here! It really is a vortex of weird, and of lesbian-related search terms.

    Also NOBODY likes Ted Mosby. Hush your gums!

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