Super(natural) Sunday

It’s time for another Search Term Sunday- where we explore the strange things that people have googled to end up  being directed to our site. This week seems especially Supernatural heavy, even for us, maybe because we recently wrote about Sam vs. Dean.

In general if we’re feeling benevolent we might actually try to answer the queries, but given that Sundays are often our hangovers of doom day we’re more likely to mock. And then promptly fall asleep.

So let’s give it a whirl:

jensen ackles british top model

So pretty that he transcends national boundaries.

just jensen cow boy

Here’s our mascot, cowboy Jensen:

But are you sure you just want that? Check out the Jensen Ackles stalker song for a chance to see the multiple facets of the man:

kiss pussy


metrosexual joke

Here you go:

dean winchester sleep

With the amount of time that Dean seems to spend asleep I’m surprised the Supernatural brothers ever get anything done:

jensen ackles look a like

How about Brock Kelly who played young Dean in Supernatural?

porn pop up

Who googles this? They just pop up!

“lesbian kiss” “kristin kreuk”

It is Kristin behind the blindfold, promise!

“the phrase this country” nationalism

Does anyone else feel like those quotation marks might be in the wrong place?

jelous barbie

Damn, I guess she found out about Ken and Cindy:

julie benz incest

Um, asides from the quasi-incestuous reading of the vampires relationships in Buffy and Angel (the sire acting as both parent and lover), I’ve got nothing.

princess protection program

Are they looking for protection from the Disney Wankers?

supernatural gay

Can’t imagine where you’d get that idea:

woman + fan + lace + 18th century

Cos when we’re not googling Disney porn or perving over TV brothers, we’re class acts:

authentic cinema popcorn and candyfloss

Authentic enough for you? I’m British, it’s hardly my area of expertise. Every time I hear “concession stand” I still think it means student discount.

hotest teagers couples

And what the fuck is a teager when it’s at home? I tried googling myself and found possibly the dullest video of all time. With an advertisement like that, why wouldn’t you want to take a looksee?

pictures of naked disney fairies having sex

I’m sure these costumed fairies are about to get it on, any moment:

miss pee on slave mouth of man

A future Playmate of ours no doubt.

flawed original disney movies, sexual references

Some of those Disney movies are dirtier than Christina Aguilera. I mean take ‘Under the Sea’ from The Little Mermaid, stuffed with entendres so obvious that you can hardly call them double.

arrogant boy on the street sketch

I’d say that Nathan from Misfits fits the bill, right?

zachary levi armpits

What is it with you people and armpits? You’ll just have to be happy with the vaguest hint of pit:

the o.c. the best chrismukkah ever

You can never go wrong with Chrismukkah! And Lord I miss Adam Brody being on my screen.

jonny depp in drag in 21 jump street

I don’t think he was in drag in 21 Jump Street, he’s just that femme. But if you want to see Johnny Depp in drag I suggest that you check out Before Night Falls.

bibbi’s spells, a new furry porn game!

I’m not sure exactly, but I assume it’s something along these lines:

jailbait kiss

Perving on baby Jared (Gilmore Girls era, not when he was an actual baby) just feels wrong:

being human annie mitchell fanfic

No, no and no. There’s a whole bunch of reasons that  I Fan Deathed Being Human, and having to search for related fic was not one of them.

neyton misfits

A pretty good transliteration of his Irish accent I’d say!

rapunzel tangled rule 34

Want Tangled porn? Well it’s definitely out there. Rule 34 doesn’t lie.

kristen bell get him to the screenshot

Is she starring in a slightly shitty sequel to Get Him to the Greek?

cobie smulders boobs

And aren’t they nice breasts?

cats popular culture

Thinking about it, I don’t think we’ve written nearly enough about cats. I feel shamed, so have a video of Smelly Cat as penance.

jensen ackles do not circus

Um, well I don’t think he likes clowns- especially after the Supernatural episode about hunting a clown-like demon.

40k bubblegum crisis

Didn’t anyone learn their lesson from Violet Beauregarde?

uea girl photo

Are you after our Playmate, Miss Barista? She is a UEA grad, and she does have a picture:

jensen ackles dancing

Is that an excuse to post the Eye of the Tiger video? Cos it sure sounds like one!

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