Wish it were Sunday, cos that’s my funday

I’ve been having a slightly manic weekend visiting friends who’ve had to pack up and get out- some more successfully than others- in a very short space of time. Not that the talk of leaving through the window or rage induced bike-table battles haven’t been entertaining, but in a way I’m quite glad that the world has somehow reached Sunday, and that things seem to have calmed down. At least for a minute.

Which means that, all things staying sedate anyway, it’s now time for another Search Term Sunday- where we paw through people’s dirty google laundry. If you ended up on this site by searching for an odd combination of words then you’re in good company, a lot of other people did too!

majorvein frizzy

There does appear to be someone with the Photobucket username majorvein with a picture of frizzy hair, but if you were searching for frizzy vena cava then I don’t think we can help you. Mostly cos that’s super gross.

surreal disney image

What’s more surreal than Dali-esque Disney? At this point I’m pretty much bowled over by anything Disney that doesn’t involve porn anyway.

swamp princess in the famous film

…and which famous film would this be? The Princess and the Frog?

zooey deschanel coat in yes man

Here you go:

is jared leto wearing lenses so that eyes look blue

There seems to be a lot of contention about Jared Leto’s eye colour, but research may be inconclusive:

jensen ackles jailbait

A bit of variety for our weekly mascot- jailbait instead of cowboy this time. Enjoy!

pop culture references in doctor horrible

While everything about Dr Horrible is fantastic I wouldn’t say that it’s replete with pop culture references. I’d suggest listening to the musical Commentary! on the DVD which discusses the writer’s strike, the lack of Asians in the movies and Nathan Fillion’s heartfelt belief that he’s better than Neil Patrick Harris:

clip art pictures of playpin

What the fuck is a playpin? You better not mean that annoying cunt of a paper clip that danced all over Microsoft Word in an especially irritating manner:

christopher nolan inception poe imp of the perverse

I guess someone’s not an Inception fan.

as told by ginger porn culture

I entirely blame Ms Elaine E. Ouse for mentioning As Told By Ginger in her Disney porn rant. If you want your eyes assaulted by ugly Nickelodeon cartoon porn, click here by all means.

sweaty licking

Speaking of porn, we get quite a lot of armpit porn related searches:

lovesick frog cartoons

I feel like there should be more of these!

fiction twins sisters in fabulous romance books

Oh I think I know just what you mean:

any good gossip girl/ moulin rouge fanfictions?

I  doubt it, given that Moulin Rouge kind of sucks. Plus the Gossip Girl crossover fanfiction archive doesn’t list any.

the big bang actress lenard

Although Leonard in The Big Bang Theory is often so emotional that I can fully understand how he could be mistaken for a chick, the actor who plays him (Johnny Galecki) is in fact not a woman.

beckinsale speedman rpf

In lieu of real person fanfiction about them have a vid of them kissing in Underworld:

felicia day dressed up

Now there’s a girl who loves a good costume:

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