As you wish

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re coming to the end of winter, with longer days and weather occasionally warm enough to keep the blood circulating in my fingers… maybe it’s the imminence of the proper end of the TV-land hiatus. Whatever it is,  I’m feeling rather generous. The search terms are as strange as ever, but this week I’d like to do my very best to make everyone’s wishes come true. Here goes.

chinese national palace museum paintings

This is Night Revels of Han Xizai by Gu Hongzhong, a 10th century work of art survived by the 12th century remake that is currently on display in the Chinese National Museum.

erotic lesbian story grabbing ass

Couldn’t find the story, but hopefully this will provide the requisite inspiration.

bunnies dressed like men

Top hat and tails ahoy. Although I personally prefer men dressed like bunnies… especially when they’re Chandler Bing.

puppyish teens torrent

I hear puppy, my mind immediately goes to to Jared Padalecki. Here he is as a teen. I’ll leave it to you to torrent whatever form of Padapuppy entertainment floats your boat.

misfits nathan naked

Not quite naked, but I like to leave something to the imagination. (Unlike the man himself.) Makes a nice change from the obsession people have with his fashion!

hardworking employer cartoons

It is very hard work giving someone a good telling off.

princess journey beyond dreams

Hmmm, I suppose the prince kissing Sleeping Beauty back to waking life is like a journey beyond dreams…

anna friel fly with me

I guess this is in reference to Anna Friel’s recent appearance on aiport mockumentary Come Fly with Me. What’s funny though, is when you type this phrase into Google, the first thing that comes up is a forum post speculating on whether she’s really bald. I don’t think so…

jensen ackles riding

Yay, time for some Cowboy Jensen!

sex hot kiss lesbian

In honour of awards season, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis getting hot and heavy in Black Swan.

how-to-draw-cinderella,-princess-aurora-step-5 offers simple tutorials for just about every Disney Princess there is.

flowers in the attic movie remake

I wish.  Apparently there’s been talks of a remake… but I won’t hold my breath.

scooby-doo porn

Almost, right?

sexy lesbian vampire chicks kissing

From Lesbian Vampire Killers, a film that I probably should check out sometime, based on the title alone.

veronika and lisa in physical culture naked

Sorry. I’ve got nothing.

1994 barbie bed fun

When isn’t a Barbie bed fun?

my little pony triple threat

They can inflict serious damage with those brushes…

sister-in-law erotic lesbian drama

I’m sorry, the best I can think of is A Streetcar Named Desire. A sister-in-law erotic drama minus the lesbianism but plus the Marlon Brando. Fair trade?

julie gonzalo without makeup

Another tough one, but at least this picture manages to fulfill julie gonzalo eye color and julie gonzalo breasts.

armpit pussy

There you go.

kristin kreuk and her lesbian kiss

More lady-loving-lip-locking action.

ted mosby how i met your mother falling

Falling in love or actual falling? Miss Thropist would no doubt love to see the latter. Couldn’t find any screenshots, but here he is in the hospital… so you can pretend that it was just after a fall.

bad bits in moulin rouge

Check out Miss Thropist’s Fan Death of said movie to know which bits of Moulin Rouge you ought to avoid. Which is all of it.

comical cowboys

Oh go on then…

The day we exhaust Google’s supply of Cowboy Jensens will be a very sad one indeed. We may need to kidnap him… anyone mind lending us a ranch and a pony?

drawings of henry winkler from happy days

Sunday, Monday… Happy Days!

And who knew that Happy Days was made into a cartoon, which sounds like a mash-up between the source material, Grease, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo and Quantum Leap. According to Frederator Blogs:

While the cartoon was based on the live action show, the cartoon added a dog, Mr. Cool (voiced by Frank Welker), and a girl from the future, Cupcake (voiced by DiDi Conn) to the cast. The characters travel through history in a time machine, trying, as narrator Wolfman Jack put it, “…to get back to 1957 Milwaukee.”

vanessa williams and eric mabius rpf

Again, no stories, but here’s some visual inspiration.

zombie footballers

You’re in luck, because it appears that zombie footballer novel Play Dead is heading to a screen near you soon. And by soon, I mean at least a year.

where jared leto dog

I dunno, in Jared Leto kennel?

Although if this is referring to Judas, the only dog I could confirm Jared has owned, he’s been in the big kennel in the sky since May 2007, hopefully with all the treats, self-throwing balls, postmen’s feet and open car windows as he could ever desire.

polly pocket history

According to The Toy Review:

Polly Pocket was first created by in 1983 by Chris Wiggs. The original design was made for his daughter and Chris used a powder compact to make a small house for the little doll. Polly Pocket arrived in stores in 1989 when Bluebird Toys licensed the product. A distribution arrangement was held between Bluebird Toys and Mattel in the early 1990s. Bluebird Toys experienced several take-over attempts when production began to slow and in 1998, Mattel finally purchased them. Polly Pocket was redesigned in 1999 by Mattel and a whole new series of collectible products were created. Polly became slightly larger and more life-like than the original Polly designed by Chris. The name Polly Pocket actually comes from the original Polly Pocket toys that fit in pocket size cases. Mattel also introduced Fashion Polly later in 1999.

Now, does anyone feel like making my dreams come true? You can start by leaving a comment!


5 thoughts on “As you wish

  1. I do love our Jen-Sun-days, even when they’re Mondays, and am fully prepared to join in with this kidnapping plan.

    How very nice of you to fulfil people’s wishes you little genie, now bring me that Happy Day’s cartoon, cos it sounds amazing!

  2. I will do my best to track down that cartoon! I think my favourite addition is Cupcake, the future space girl, voiced by Didi Conn (Frenchie in Grease).

    My MSN is not working btw! 😦 Harrumph. Glad you’re enjoying Freaks and Geeks!

    • I love Frenchie! Beauty School Dropout is pretty much the only thing about Grease that doesn’t make me deeply uncomfortable.

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