On the Sunday morning sidewalk, wishing Lord that I was stoned

It’s another Sunday morning- well all right it’s well after midday and into the evening. but it feels like morning when you’ve been asleep for more than fifteen hours- which makes it time for another Search Term Sunday.  And the stuff that y’all have been googling makes it seem like you might have been higher than a kite.

Keep it coming, we love every single weird and wonderful hit. (Especially the Disney Wankers.)

largest computer screen

Well unless you have the largest one how the hell are you going to be able to see it in full on your screen? Headfuck.

i blame coco

Me too, that Chanel bitch is really making me want a cigarette.

young queen silvia

…of Sweden? Who I’m pretty sure we’ve never written about? Oh, what the hell, here you go:

jeffster hi res

Ok, that’s it, whoever it is who’s been googling high-resolution images of the ugliest uglies from Chuck needs to pack up their stuff and GTFO. I find the people searching for disney: ariel and jasmine kissing while naked in a hottub or disney princesses piss porn way less disturbing.

armpit sweaty

Armpit porn really does seem to be the new thing. Knock yourself out:

kleenex balsam nose screenshots

Or maybe I spoke too soon, nose-blowing could be the good stuff:

beau vampire

Finally, a kink we can all understand.

robert sheehan sword

Apparently not a euphemism. Who knew?


And I thought I liked hyphens too much.

jensen ackles cowboy

As thanks for making it easy to stick to our aim of getting a picture of Cowboy Jensen in every Search Term Sunday have some bonus Cowboy Jared. Go on, you deserve it:

ction fitish bride

What? Is that a mis-typing of “action fetish” or something?

cobie smulders thong

While Miss Penn does have a penchant for filching celeb’s clothes, she hasn’t yet got around to pinching any of Cobie’s underthings. The How I Met Your Mother actress strikes me as more of a granny panties girl if I’m honest. Thoughts?

sisters of the incarnate word

I don’t think we have any of that here.

white cable sweater mary steenburgen wore in the proposal

This one?

Don’t worry, I’m sure Miss Penn’s already made off with it.

unknown handsome guy with six pack

You know it’s a lot easier to search for the known than the unknown, but here have an anonymous chest:

shane mccutcheon keep simple relationships, sex without emotional attachments, and so will not hurt

A life lesson for us all.

learn to except your ugly for men

Whether that’s supposed to be “except”, “expect” or possibly “accept”, what I really want to pretty up is that sentence.


Sounds dirty.

jack can’t coup dawson’s creek fan fiction

First of all, leading a coup is difficult stuff ok, stop with the judging. And second, I watched quite a bit of season three of Dawson’s Creek this week (although I don’t think I wrote about it here) and Jack can do anything with his “fug” mantra.

thefilmwall.com offsong


gay play pen.com

Jeez, I have had enough of the mocking, just cos I love musicals! Sniff.

hourses paints

If a horse and a house had a baby and painted it, I like to think it would look a little something like this:

why is the show skins called skins

Well I’ve never seen it but I’m going with either rizla or porn. Or rizla porn, I’m sure there’s some of that on the internet, right?

robert sheehan livejournal

Sadly doesn’t seem to be a real thing, but don’t you wish his character on Misfits, Nathan, had a blog?

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