It’s getting hot in here

Baby, it’s cold outside, but here at PCP, at least when it comes to search terms, it’s getting pretty steamy. This week’s search terms are a feast of freaky fun. From artic frolics to 19th century fitties, all kinds of kink and fetishism are reigning supreme. 2011 is shaping up to be a very good year indeed.

disney standup princess

Disney princesses are a lot of things – crossdressing warriors, bipedal mermaids, scantily clad daredevils, shoe-losing slavegirls – but certainly not standup comediennes (although Mulan comes the closest). Try a sidekick, that’s where the funny is. Or a villain. Jafar is the campest vizier ever to grace “Arabia”.

cody cummings 3 way ass play

After a spot of Googling,  I have learned that Cody Cummings (below) is a big Internet gay porn star that doesn’t serve as a bottom, but may do eventually. I’m sure everyone’s patience will be rewarded eventually.

cute 5 to 10 years children’s group photo

Man I have SO many of these in my personal photo albums. Google is all-seeing.

mr burger sea breeze karachi

Apparently the most popular local food chain in Karachi…?

a day in the life of jared and jensen

This would be the best creative writing assignment ever! Here’s a working synopsis:

Jared wakes up, tosses the covers aside, and runs to the window with puppyish glee, greeting the sunny day with a smile just as bright. He stretches, revealing perfect abs. Jensen is curled up in their bed, snoring like the Metallicar’s carburettor.  Jared strides into kitchen and makes Jensen banana pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and topped with whipped cream. He tiptoes into the bedroom, holds the warm plate under Jensen’s nose. Jensen stirs slightly, but buries his face into the pillow. Jared licks Jensen’s cheek…

I should stop now. It’s impossible to write about J2 without descending into smut.

chinesse lesbian kiss

Here’s half of one:

space jailbait

I’m thinking Judy Jetson or River Tam.

“snow white” “wedding” “wicked queen” “fanfic”

Snow White/Wicked Queen fic. Now that’s something I’d like to read…

disney princesses armpits

What is with the armpit fetish plaguing our search terms? Is it the new knee or something? Anyway, this was the best I could do:

ian hislop rpf

I can’t even begin to imagine what real person fiction about the Have I Got News for You regular would be like. Miss Thropist mightbe able to though.

supernatural fanfiction sam winchester lip sewn shut art

Maybe Sam should just shut up sometimes. But this is taking it to extremes.

smoking cigarettes sexily

Because we do that all the time.

You should also check out the way we swig Prosecco and snarf pizza. We’re bringing sexy back to consumption.

goldilocks sexy doll

Foursome anyone?

jared leto likes blondes

Well, he did date Cameron Diaz. (Maybe Scarlett Johansson and Ashley Olsen too). And he certainly seems to enjoy being a blonde.

fit girls in 19th century french paintings

Gosh, some people have classy perving tendencies. I approve.

abstract mermaid 1024

Um… does this piece by Lisa Wibroe come close?

cowboys gay erotica tales

Now this is a genre of fiction made for Jensen. Hey there, little lady…

3d lesbian fairys

I always did think Tink was a little too hot and bothered about Wendy.

horrible, hilarious porn arctic

This sounds like the ideal starting point for the Dr. Horrible sequel. Hurry up Whedon.

5 thoughts on “It’s getting hot in here

  1. What a treasure trove of search terms this week!

    And I love that you wrote, at least the intro to, J2 fic! Way more interesting than this waffle: Maybe I will write you Ian Hislop RPF if you’re very good.

    I think we should aim to include a cowboy pic of Jensen EVERY WEEK. And never again with the scary bleached Jared Leto. WHY HAS HE DONE THAT TO HIS EYEBROWS, OH LORD.

    I’m convinced the 19th century fitty was clearly a reference to me:

    Btw have you seen Saving Face? A cute film about Chinese lesbians, I’ve now been reminded of it!

    • It was dangerously fun writing J2 fic.

      I know about Jared Leto, there were so many cute pics… but I went for the freak one. And we totally should include Jensen Cowboy every week. Maybe he could become our mascot!

      Was wondering about the the 19th century perving…

      Haven’t seen Saving Face but will investigate!

  2. Just watched the video of J2’s actual day in the life… that’s not what they really do! They playfight in bed and feed each other pancakes!

  3. I’m sure they have pillow fights! I demand more fic. MOOOORE. Also drawings of our Jensen cowboy mascot to be.

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