Toon totty: the marrying kind

Okay, so I know Miss Penn has already enlightened us with TV’s top boyfriends, from Jordan Catalano to Ted Mosby. Those small screen dreamboats are all a girl could wish for, but looks fade, and let’s face it, when it comes to husbands, the criteria is entirely different. You need someone dependable, someone to grow old with, someone kind and considerate who’ll support you, with enough shared interests to help see you through a lifetime together.

Finding a real man to love and cherish, who meets all of the aforementioned standards can be tough – there aren’t many who match up. It was with this sentiment in mind and an over-indulgence in animated Christmas viewing that lead me to consider the cartoon male. Here is a world in which many kind-hearted, uncomplicated, loving men, with dream-husband-like qualities, inhabit. Once my mind had started to wander down the path of ideal animated husbands I couldn’t stop, there are so many to choose from!

I’ve limited myself to just 10 perfect animated husbands that I’ll share with you below…

10. Kif Kroker – Futurama

Okay so he’s an alien, but it hasn’t caused any problems between him and Amy on the show… and why should it? Kif’s an adoring, kind-hearted, sensitive soul with a high IQ, who’s proved himself to be selfless time and time again, he’d be an ideal husband to anyone lucky enough to deserve him.

9. Brains – Thunderbirds

I’ve always had a soft spot for the nerds, I think they have a lot to offer as husbands and Brains is certainly king of the nerds. I find his social awkwardness endearing and his glasses cute. Plus as a scientific genius  just imagine how easily he’d have the super-fast broadband set up and how he’d  keep my laptop virus-free and running smoothly?

8. Perfect Peter – Wacky Races

Well doesn’t the name say it just say it all? Peter’s polite, charming and a true gentleman who’s sure to age well.  He was always willing to sacrifice winning the race for his lady love – given how competitive most real men get, just think what a lovely guy Peter really is. Plus I’m assuming I’d get use of the cool car too.

7. Fred Jones – Scooby Doo

On to another guy with a cool automobile, although joint custody of the mystery machine is a big draw here, I also happen to really like Fred. While some may question his sexuality, what with the ascot, I commend Fred’s bold use of accessories – here’s a guy who would really give you a genuine and thoughtful answer to the age old question ‘Do these shoes go with this outfit?’ I’d  sure as hell have to put an end to that pesky Daphne though!

6. Mario

What a guy, dedicated to just one lady (hardcore Mario fans will know when faced with the temptation of other ladies in Super Mario Galaxy – he resists of course)… oh to be his Princess Peach. And let us not forget how handy his plumbing skills would come in around the house, or of course his Italian heritage which is sure to mean he shares my love of pizza, pasta and tiramisu.

5. Mickey Mouse

A guy that needs no introduction, it’s clear that he’s got no problem with commitment from his long term devotion to Minnie, he’s as keen on her as the day she was first drawn, how I envy a lifelong love like that. Of course his vast wealth and the numerous pink castle holiday homes around the world would just be the icing on the cake in this marriage.

4. Gaffer – The Tetley Tea Folk

What sweet and gentle man, who above all would always be willing to put the kettle on for you. Gaffer knows how important a cup of tea is in life – it really is what gets me through the day sometimes. I reckon  Gaffer’s the sort of loyal, loving husband who’d bring me a perfect cuppa every morning – and in a marriage it really is the little things like this that make all the difference. Not to mention all the freebie Tetley teabags he could bring home – we’d save a fortune!

3. Gomez Addams – The Addams Family

An ever-devoted husband with all the qualities a dream husband should possess, sensual, romantic and a dedicated family man. I’ve always preferred life a little more on the darker side and here’s a charming, stylish and old-fashioned kind of guy who could offer me an eternity of just that, with a fabulous gothic mansion to boot.

2. Wallace – Wallace & Gromit

Now here’s an honest, kind-hearted animated gentlemen that you could really grow old with. As well as being a tea lover like me, Wallace is best known for his love of cheese, which is something I can seriously relate to! There’s nothing I like better than to settle into a cosy evening with a cheese board close to hand. I think Wallace and I could enjoy a fabulous dairy-filled life together, not to mention he has the coolest dog ever.

1. Kermit the Frog – The Muppets

Could anyone else be the number one animated husband? Sweet, sensitive, and a little bit of a push over when it comes to his lady love – Kermit is the perfect guy, who’s always ready to serenade his lovely wife with a beautiful song. And I haven’t even touched on his celebrity connections, all the famous people he’s met over his long and successful showbiz career – just think of the dinner parties!

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