Supersized Sunday

Christmas is a time of excess. You spend too much, eat too much, drink too much. And you treat your loved ones to bumper editions of things, like annuals and chocolate selections. Or really really small versions of things, like perfume… but because our love for y’all is so huge (and we’ve been a little slack of late), you’re getting a supersized version of Search Term Sunday for Boxing Day, as we each examine the leftovers of the past two weeks, and attempt to reheat them up as fresh humour. Enjoy!

Miss Penn

free neked models

None of those. Sorry. (We’re working on it though.)

holly is fit as fuck pop culture playpen

Well, I guess she is, if you’re into big boobed blondes with a penchant for dress-up and dirty old men:

are carly pope cobie smulders twin sisters

I can understand why you’d think that:

But no, they aren’t. They should totally be cast as sisters – along with fellow Canuck Caroline Dhavernas.

over 50 male below the torsos

So OVER 50 and BELOW the torso? I can’t quite get my head around that. Which is probably a good thing.

barbie porn

A refreshing change from Disney porn!

mother helps here child peeing


buffay the vampire layer

Ha, I know this is a Friends reference, but it gets me every time.

workers kissing office lesbians

Miss Day would approve.

troll doll melted hair

Miss Day would NOT approve. And all Google can do is provide non-melted troll doll hair. Maybe next year, if you behave yourself.

absurd minds

Well, Miss Thropist and Captain Pants certainly have ones. Possibly twos or threes.

sweater owned by ashton kutcher given to me personally

How did you find out about that? That’s in my safe, between the thong Beyonce gave to me personally and the mobile phone I pickpocketed from Paris Hilton.

alicia witt as a stripper

Well, she played one in Two and a Half Men – episode 5, season 6. Apparently the lack of Charlie Harper can cause a girl to turn to lapdancing. I’m not a fan of the show, but I did catch a bit of this rather dull episode… poor Alicia hasn’t had a gig worthy of her talents since Cybill. On the upside, she seems to have largely halted the ageing process.

how to dress like nathan from misfits

We’ve been getting a lot of search terms pertaining to Nathan’s fashion sense… which I find odd, as it seems to consist solely of orange jumpsuits, Christmas jumpers and underpants. But what do I know about style?

Miss Thropist

Christmas is a time of greed: you guzzle turkey, glug wine and stuff yourself on figgy pudding. True to the spirit of the season Miss Penn has greedily gobbled up the crème de la crème of the search terms before me.

Luckily the internet seems to have an almost endless supply of Christmas cracker-esque funnies:

kristen stewart six pack

Six packs often turn up in the search terms, especially Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner’s, probably thanks to Miss Penn’s torso-heavy review of New Moon. I guess someone decided to plump for equal Twilight perving opportunities. Sadly Google image doesn’t really supply the goods.

the princess and the frog ray fanfictions

I don’t want to be judgey, but isn’t Ray a firefly?

old walt disney lady villain with pet alligators

More Disney porn? Sheesh.

police line do not cross Disney

The official police policy no doubt.

adolescent disobeying their ariel mulan and ratatouille

As a teenager I may have disobeyed my parents, teachers and better judgment- but I can’t say I ever refused to listen to my mermaid, crossdressing Chinese warrior or wannabe gourmet rat.

marriage tribulations new report finds worrying trends

Consuming pop culture leads to divorce. True story.

And a couple I can’t believe we missed, which are both funnier than we could ever hope to be about them:

a older bride at forty years will marry with twenty years youmg man wedding

a large wellmade smooth-faced man of fifty with stylish cast but every mark of capacity and kindness

And that’s it for Search Term Sunday… at least until 2011!

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