Just another manic Sunday

I’m sneaking in under the wire to announce that once again it’s time to alternately laugh out loud, clap with glee and turn away in horror over the search terms that bring people to our site.

Of course it’s gratifying to see people stumble upon us when we seem to be able to fulfil their curious quest for information (and mad props to those people who were looking for Through the Glass Ceiling and the Leeds Animation Workshop; in my personal life cannon someone else has just rediscovered this forgotten treasure).

Sometimes the seemingly hilarious turn out to be sadly banal. We’ve become a bit immune to all the Disney porn searching which directs people to us, we barely notice it any more. However me and Miss Penn were happily giggling over the search term “walt disney assepoester poster“, it seemed like a redundant and badly spelt over use of the word poster to start with. But a little googling threw up that Asspoester is actually the Dutch for Cinderella. I don’t really know why that would bring someone to Pop Culture Playpen, but the Disney mention without the accompanying porn made a nice change.

We also got a nice string of Hebrew: “תחפושת הנסיכה והצפרדע“. I have no idea what that means, I can bless your bread and wine if needed- and that’s about it, but google translate leads me to believe that it’s got something to do with the story of the princess and the frog. However if we stick to investigating the English search terms it’s easier to find things that are reliably funny:

have the book dead poets society an happy ending?

I don’t know, maybe you should check out the film instead of the shitty tie-in novel.

rpf zooey deschanel

RPF standing for real person fiction in this case I assume and not, say, The Rehabilitation Project Force of the Church of Scientology. Sadly I don’t think we have any of that here, but a quick search found me some Zooey Deschanel/Jared Padalecki fic on livejournal. UNF.

What confuses me the most about this search term is that there’s only one name. Who searches for gen fic? Pfft, everyone knows that the internet is for porn.

jared leto wikipedia

I can understand being too lazy to bookmark Wikipedia. I can understand being too lazy to type the url into the address bar, especially with Chrome. I can’t, however, understand ostensibly searching for the Wikipedia page for Jared Leto (it’s here by the way, the first hit for the search of course, in case anyone else is having problems finding it) and instead clicking through pages and pages of search results. Are they having problems trusting Wikipedia since the new ads rolled out? Guess that means we’re better than an encyclopaedia, I always suspected it if I’m honest.

funny sayings like egg splattered on the ground and call it a horror movie

I’m completely intrigued by this one, I just want to deconstruct it to death. It feels like it’s sorely lacking some sets of quotation marks, but I’m not entirely sure where they ought to go. Is “call it a horror movie” an example of a funny saying or is it part of the whole? And above all, what on earth does it mean?!

globalization by pointing out the parallels between the united states in the late 1800’s and modern day technological advances and trends in the world as a whole movie follows fish through the global economy

…Sometimes there are just no words. (But there are superfluous apostrophes.)

I kind of hope that whoever was looking for it finds their fishy film eventually though.

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