Here, it’s almost like we’re blessed

I’ve been totally captured by the heady concept of pronoia. Do you ever feel like the world is conspiring to make you feel happy? Cos that’s how I’ve been feeling.

From a new mp3 player to a lack of people on the subway, everything seems to be going well.

The latest thing (asides from the distinct lack of crowds on the subway) which had me beaming with pronoic joy was Supernatural. I was a little bored (and had finished my book) when I wandered downstairs and found that everyone was up from their nap too. What came on television to entertain me? That’s right, a subtitled (not dubbed!) episode of Supernatural, in fact the very one I’d wanted to watch after seeing the finale of Carnivale– ‘Scarecrow’. Season one of Supernatural was apparently even cheesier than I remembered, but it was also chock full of man pain. Nicki Aycock as Meg was way more of a sex kitten than I remembered too (which is odd, because I certainly recalled that she was pretty darn coquettish). The (classic) brotherly moments were brilliant too:

Dean: So what made you change your mind?
Sam: I didn’t. I still want to find Dad. And you’re still a pain in the ass. But, Jess and Mom- they’re both gone. Dad is God knows where. You and me. We’re all that’s left. So, if we’re gonna see this through, we’re gonna do it together.
Dean: (pause) Hold me, Sam That was beautiful.
Sam: You should be kissing my ass! You were dead meat, dude.

And Jesus Christ, I always forget but Jensen has a ridiculously deep voice. I suppose it isn’t really Jensen’s voice since it hisn’t his “natural” accent, but is the pitch put on as well? Has someone got some comparative data from his other roles and interviews? Fandom has just about everything, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Here have a link to an essay about trauma andPTSD in Supernatural to prove my point. I didn’t feel too bad aboutperving on baby-Jared, since he didn’t look as young as I feared. I’ll cleanse my palette with very recent pictures from the charity soapbox derby, in which Jared is clearly the hotter of the two. I don’t quite know what’s going on. (Actually wandering off into another fandom- if it really can be classed as that- proves that it really does have everything. Someone wrote fanfic about Neil Gaiman’s webelf. Did I mention that I love the internet?)

I seriously can’t wait til I get around to rewatching Supernatural (although I have no idea when), it’s going to be so fun and you just know I’ll have far too much to say about it (although never as well or as succinctly as kroki_refur’s ten expressions). I’m sure that after watching all of The X-Files I’ll find a lot of new little things to be amused by, since Supernatural has filched quite a few of The X-Files‘ cast and crew over the last couple of years. In ‘Scarecrow’ I realised that the supposedly nice professor was clearly a bad guy straight away this time- because he was played by the Cigarette Smoking Man. There was also a brilliant rainy-umbrella-Vancouver moment. Significant for reals.

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