Sighing whispers near, a new season is here!

Summer is officially over, the new seasons are beginning!

Where does the time go? I did finish season two of Carnivale finally, but I’ve decided to shelve Life on Mars for now (I know Larissa won’t be impressed) in favour of active shows. I’ve watched the first two episodes of Dexter and hope to get around to watching more of it soon. It might be hard to fit it in though…

This made me giggle, it’s about the 21st century lost weekend (spent binging on full seasons of random TV shows rather than boozing it up). I’m glad to see that I’m by no means the only one suffering from this affliction. I’m also certainly not the only one who’s getting excited about the new seasons and series, The Park Bench and Art Life are full of appropriate squee. As for me, I’ll definitely be watching:

*Californication which ought to have a wonderful veneer of irony now [*]
*Gossip Girl
*Pushing Daisies
*the Weeds season 4 finale

[*] I’ve been abstaining from making nymphomania jokes because, like Jill Sobule, I am a Good Person Inside. However I was intrigued to discover a couple of things: 1) Gentiles apparently cannot spell ‘Duchovny’, and 2) The price of the Californication DVDs went down already.

I almost definitely won’t be watching season three of Heroes unless I hear stupendously good things about it because I was so disappointed by the second season. Dollhouse doesn’t start til January so I don’t need to worry about that yet, and I’ll worry about the new seasons of DexterHow I Met Your Mother and possibly Mad Men when and if I ever get caught up. Fringe does sound darn tempting too though… It’s this kind of schedule that makes you appreciate networks prematurely cancelling good shows! On that note, I read an interesting post comparing Firefly fans to UFO-groups and the Firefly and Western Literature blog (in preparation of the upcoming 2008 Western Literature Association Conference) has actually gotten really interesting, even if I am a little wary of all the Derrida references (which don’t worry me nearly as much as seeing Nietzsche’s name scattered about a page).

But enough about what I’m going to watch (asides from the new West Wing animated series, natch) and onto what I have been watching. The Supernatural season 3 gag reel afforded me much amusement:

I’m not really sure why it had me laughing so hard since as far as blooper reels go it’s kind of sucky- there’s barely any actual screw ups. Maybe the fact that it mostly consists of Jensen and Jared pulling stupid faces and saying things like “I miss your musk” had something do with it, who knows. Or it might have just been the ear/stake porn.

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