Buffy gets Frayed

Episode 17 carried on the Fray crossover, which was interesting but a little bit confusing for me. I do want to get around to reading Fray at some point. The introduction stating that ‘Buffy’s fresh from another doomed relationship’ kind of irked me, it’s not as if she and Satsu had a (serious) relationship, and what I liked about that storyline was that Buffy finally had a chance to have a fun fling without their being despair and doom.

I was pretty certain that the crazy dark haired seer being talked about was Dru (after all, who else could it be?) but the reveal at the end left me a bit dubious, this is where photorealism (or indeed real actors!) would come in useful, otherwise it isn’t that easy to be certain that it actually is Drusilla. In fact I thought that image looked a bit like dark Willow… I’ll just have to wait for episode 18, dammit! I loved the fact that Buffy actually got to time travel (that’s something that never got explored on the show, although there was a time loop), and that little moment where ever-capable Buffy suddenly realises “this is really happening” was wonderful. I liked her whinging about the fact that future-English makes no sense, and her claim that she should have treated the English language better. There was also a hilarious moment where she realised that her stance in that flimsy dress meant that she was flashing her (orange polka dot) underwear, quite a departure from her behaviour in seasons 1 and 2.

I felt a bit like they were trying to at least vaguely set up the idea of Xander moving on and getting into a new relationship, although I could be reading too much into it. He just seemed a bit grabby with Rowena (and we all know that Xander has a Slayer-fetish so that would make sense). Whilst he wasn’t acting at all inappropriately with Dawn I thought that perhaps the ‘riding’ set up/joke (combined with incidents in previous episodes, such as him falling into her giant sized camisole) might be an attempt to foreshadow something. Then again that’s what’s so fun about Buffy, it encourages viewers/readers to BYO subtext. There’s always the possibility of having Xander end up with Dracula I suppose, but somehow I don’t think there’s going to be a triage of bi-/homo-/alternative sexuality for the main Scoobies, and Xander does really have to remain as the Everyman (and avatar of Joss). Right at the end Harth’s speech about his twin sister being his ‘true love’ suggests there’s going to be overtones of wacky vampire incest coming up. Oh the hilarity! Here endeth the season eight spoilers for the time being…

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